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The Water Store is centrally located in Cottonwood, AZ. We sell purified water, specialty water, ice, water containers, and water accessories.

What's inside

Our Purified Water

NO Calcium

0 mg*

Too much calcium can eventually lead to kidney stones. Our filters remove calcium from our purified water.

NO Arsenic

0 mg*

Arsenic is found in the local Verde Valley Water. The Water Store has an arsenic filter as one of our filtration phases to keep you safe.

NO Lead & Copper

0 mg*

Heavy metals such as lead and copper can be found in local Verde Valley water. At The Water Store, our filters REMOVE these elements.

NO Chlorine Added

0 mg

We do NOT add chlorine or other chemicals to our purified water. Our 12-stage commercial removes the bad stuff. We do not add to it.

NO Fluoride

0 mg*

According to MedicalNewsToday,  Excessive exposure to fluoride has been linked to a number of health issues. We DO NOT add Flouride to our water.

NO Nitrates

0 mg*

Nitrates include runoff from fertilizer use; leaching from septic tanks, sewage; erosion of natural deposits. Our filters remove nitrates as well.

“*” = The value of 0 as reported being one part per million (ppm) or less.  No filtration system is 100% true zero, but thousands of times better than public tap water, at 1 part per million parts.

Loading Service

Lifting heavy water containers into your vehicle can be difficult. At The Water Store, we offer free loading of the filled containers by our employees during regular business hours. Want to load yourself? We also have carts you can use to make the process easier.

  • Free Loading Service during regular business hours
  • Open 7 days a week
  • 9 – 5:30 PM Mon – Friday, Saturday 9 – 5 PM, Sunday 10 – 2 PM
  • 24-hour outdoor fill stations
The Water Store is located at 636 S Main Street, Cottonwood, AZ 86326. Next to the Dollar Tree Store at the Food City Plaza.
Water is life. What you drink, your family drinks and your pets drink affects long-term health. Verde Valley water contains large amounts of arsenic, calcium, and other elements which can pose problems for your long-term health. At The Water Store in Cottonwood, AZ we are passionate about providing our customers with exceptional water that removes most of these impurities all the way down to less than one part per million (which is almost non-existent). Locally and family owned. We’re adding new filters and water products all the time.
12-Stage Filtration
Quality Assurance
Full Controll
Daily Water Testing

Learn more about the Cottonwood water store

The Water Store uses a 12-stage filtration process which utilizes arsenic filters, ultraviolet lighting, activated carbon and ion exchange resins, KDF, and more.


What our clients say

Heather Braun
School Teacher

I am so excited to have a store in town with friendly staff, very convenient in and out parking which is a huge added bonus, and a great selection of water bottles. I am happy to change from my previous water store.

Gari Basham

This store is simply amazing. Lots of room for lots of people, & amenities other than just water are also available. Looks like the owners have thought of everything!

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