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The Cottonwood Water Store is the Best Verde Valley Water Spot for Purified Water!

The Cottonwood, AZ water store is here to provide for the entire Verde Valley. We offer purified drinking water to fill in your containers and water bottles. We’re always seeking to improve and open to new ideas to make our store even better. Swing by, come in, meet our staff, and let us know what you would like and how we can do better.

Residents of the Verde Valley (Camp Verde, Cornville, Bridgeport, Clarkdale, and Jerome) all know how bad the groundwater is.¬† Local City of Cottonwood groundwater testing shows that there are small amounts of arsenic in the drinking water! Therefore a lot of locals know it’s best to get quality reverse osmosis purified drinking water where the bulk of these elements are removed.

The Water Store in Cottonwood, AZ is locally owned and family¬†operated. We’re pro-Verde Valley and want to support our community as best we can. Please come on by, meet us, and check out our amazing store! Discounts and specials are running all the time!

Best Verde Valley Water SpotThe copper mines in Jerome operated for 77-years (1876 to 1953). Like any mining operation, there were tailings and other byproducts from the copper extraction process which made there way down the hill into Clarkdale and into the Verde River. This coupled with the natural arsenic that limestone emits to well water makes the average Verde Valley citizen a bit reluctant to go fill up a glass of tap water and drink from it.

So in conclusion, when you’re considering the best Verde Valley water spot to go to, look at the filtration system that they are using to filter the water (we have a 12-stage system), ask if they regularly test their water (we do), and see if they are committed to top customer service. At the Water Store, during regular hours our employees will fill your containers for you and load them into your vehicle. That’s why we feel that we are one of the best water spots in town.

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We're located at 636 S Main St Cottonwood, AZ 86326. Right next to the Dollar Tree Store.
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